For a long time now, Alexis Bailo de Spoelberch has demonstrated a strong business acumen as a scion of a wealthy noble family in Belgium. The de Spoelberch family has been a major stakeholder in the world’s biggest brewery firms, AB InBev. With his strong intellect and remarkable business talents, Alexis Bailo de Spoelberch has decided to put his money in a venture that has far-reaching potentials and benefits. He and his brother Patrice have invested in an at-home disease testing venture. The business focuses on providing consumers with a reliable and convenient means of detecting ailments in the comfort of their own home. The at-home testing venture also offers efficient disease testing without the risks associated with standard clinic and third party testing and evaluation. It offers a huge potential for countries that have been burdened with overloaded healthcare systems. Seeing the long-term potential of this type of business has encouraged Alexis to actively invest in it.

Making profits in business has not been the sole focus, as Alexis Bailo de Spoelberch also wants to make the world a better place. He supports the NGO “Les Restos du Coeur”. The charitable, non-profit organization focuses on the homeless as well as the less fortunate, including the elderly with low pensions, young adults and single-parent families. Thanks to the generosity of people like Alexis, the association has now been able to branch out to helping people find decent housing. It also supports other projects alongside its main activity. Alexis also donates to the NGO “Children Action” and the Novak Djokovic Foundation.